• Watchstar 48MM Limited Edition Swiss Made Patented Movement Golf Watch - Gold Tone
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Watchstar 48MM Limited Edition Swiss Made Patented Movement Golf Watch - Gold Tone

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Model: WSAG-GT-BK New Watchstar Automaton Patented Swiss Made Golf Watch - Watch comes alive every hour - Golfer goes into motion of swinging the club, ball goes flying across the dial and women lifts the flag for the ball to go in! Must see in action The Automaton is designed differently because we see things differently. We want to make a product that provides more than metal and materials, but creates emotion and stirs the soul. This project has been in the works for over three years, making mistakes, making corrections but never giving up because we feel greatness could be a few ticks away. We are experience at design, prototyping, production and delivery. Our company was born in the USA and we are located outside of the Washington DC area. We have trusted, established and proven partners in Switzerland and throughout the World. The movements are produced in Sion, Switzerland and all components are assembled outside of Zurich, Switzerland, making them truly Swiss Made. In 2014 we won the Swiss award for most creative use of a movement. The Automaton Golf Watch has always been a top-secret project. The movement is a patented. The timepiece has been proven and tested but never publicized or announced to the public till now. You won’t see it anywhere. We have over 17 years of experience with design, engineering, and production of timepieces. We have consulted and worked with major watch companies. This is what we do and this is all we do and we do it with extreme passion. A Swiss made movement, the A007WS, with five programmable micro-motors marks an important milestone in WatchStar’s history. At the top of each hour the Golf Players animate for ten seconds and then return to their set position. We have a patent pending on the movement and we have spent thousands of hours working on the application, the weight of the hands, quality control and the reliability of this new movement The timepiece is amazingly beautiful for 59 minutes and 59 seconds but when the minute hand hits 12 and the Golfers become animated, the heart skips a beat and there’s an adrenaline rush to the head. For those precious seconds the mind races and reminds you of what the human spirit can achieve when individual parts become one: something magical. The watchcase combines confident energy, original cutting-edge design and wearable luxury. The bezel is a three-dimensional wonder extending to the ends where a five-pointed star is meticulously placed into the two-piece lugs. The case is matte brushed while the bezel and caseback are polished creating a natural fluidity with the star bracelet. A four screw caseback is reversed etched with the image of a Golf warrior. The whole timepiece strikes a balance of cutting-edge sophisticated looks and advanced technology. The word "automaton" is the latinization of the Greek αὐτόματον, automaton, and “acting of one’s own will. Automaton is used to describe machines that have been made to resemble human or animal actions.++ echnical Specifications Movement: Swiss Made. Caliber A007WS, five (5) micro-motors, two (2) hands at center, programmed Samurai swords located at 3, 6, 9 on the dial, activate at the top of every hour. Functions: Two (2) hands at center dial, programmable Samurai swords at 3, 6, 9 locations on dial, activate at the top of each hour. Watchcase: Variants: Platinum plated, 316L stainless steel. Case diameter: 48.0 mm Watch Crystal: Sapphire crystal, chamfered with anti-reflective coating on underside. Caseback: Deep reversed etching of Samurai warrior, four (4) screws on caseback. Dial: Super-matte dial, three-level prong set swords, WatchStar logo, three (3) Samurai warriors customized and prong set. Water Resistance: 10 ATM = 100 Meters = 330 Feet Watch Strap: 27.0 mm. Variants: Customized star graphic, each link is four parts with side screws Closure Clasp: Dual closure clasp, seamless fit with bracelet. Crown: Knurled crown with deep five-pointed star reverse etch. Limited Edition: Five-hundred pieces Worldwide.

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